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Terrance was raised in a fatherless home and has personally suffered the effects of fatherlessness.  He has more than 20-years of experience working with at-risk and troubled youth, and over 20-years of organizing/leadership skills in two international organizations: Alternatives to Violence Project, and Toastmasters International.

He founded Empowering The Fatherless to embrace, support and empower the fatherless, by equipping them with Life skills, Effective Communication/Speaking skills, and Financial skills, so they may reap the benefits of living a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

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Board Member


Bruce graduated from San Jose Junior College in 1965. Three months later, he became a police officer with the San Jose Police Department.

In 1966, Bruce enlisted and served in the US Navy, after which he returned back to police department. 

In 1972, he pursued a career in real estate on a full-time basis, and became a real estate broker, land developer and ran his own construction company.

Service has always been a big part of Bruce's life. Not only his public service through police and military service, but also through his involvement with various volunteer and charity organizations such as Rotary Club of Saratoga, his church, as well as KAIROS prison ministry program which had a life changing impact on Terrance Hunter who went on to found the Empowering the Fatherless organization. Bruce is serving as Treasurer and Board Member in the organization.

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Board Member

Attorney at Law

Patrick was raised in a middle-upper class nuclear family in San Luis Obispo.

As an adult, he recognized how fortunate he was and felt strongly to give back to his community. 


His involvement in KAIROS prison ministry program made him realize that he is no different from the inmates, except that he was born into much better circumstances. 


The same was true of his involvement through Rotary in MicroLoans to poor, rural families in Guatemala. Whenever he visited these families, with no clean water, no plumbing, and little means, he was reminded of his fortune to be born and raised in better circumstances.


One of the recurring themes in KAIROS, is that the inmate grew up in poor circumstances with no father as a role model. That is why Patrick is proud and excited to be on the Board of Empowering the Fatherless. He learned in KAIROS that “Hurt people hurt people”. And he believes that if we can demonstrate to the inmates that they are loved and forgiven, and help them understand what led them to their bad life decisions, it is likely they can forgive themselves and forge a better future.

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Board Member

Mental Health Specialist

Arnold graduated from the University of California, San Francisco with a Master’s Degree in Nursing specializing in the treatment of mental health disorders. During his training, he became interested in the experiences of foster youth and came to understand the profound effects of early childhood trauma on our emotions, behaviors, relationships, and function in the World.

Since 2014, he has worked in numerous nonprofit organizations and facilities including:

  • Unity Care Group and Ujima Family Services helping underserved and minority populations in Santa Clara County

  • Santa Clara County jail providing counseling and medication management services for inmates. 

Through his interaction with hundreds of clients and observing that many foster youths and inmates in the jail system have troubled or absent relationships with their fathers, he saw firsthand the tremendous impact of father’s relationship on a child. And furthermore, how patterns of negative behaviors become difficult to change over time and may be passed down to the next generation. 

It became his life passion to serve the victims of fatherlessness through ETF by helping them understand  the impact and healing the emotional pain of fatherlessness to develop, improve, and protect the resilience, sense of wellbeing, and mental health.

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Cynthia is the founder of Shekinah Glory, a nonprofit Women's Ministry organization.  She also developed a community-based women's leadership group, in which she wrote plans and taught lessons on various subjects related to life experiences.


Furthermore, Cynthia Baugh, has over10 years of professional administrative support experience, and has facilitated co- dependency, sexual abuse and drug and alcohol programs.



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